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Why did we develop our unique spindles? To answer the need for time and money saving milling speed.

Galway was established in order to answer an acute need: the need for time and money-saving milling speed.

In the world of CNC milling, every material comes with a recommended cutting speed. And when machinists were required to cut at an extremely small circumference (and therefore faster) due to the material they are cutting, they were faced with two options:

  1. The first option was to purchase an advanced milling machine that can cut in accordance with the required speed. Most machine shops don’t have a non-standard machine on deck, because it is very expensive.
  2. The second option was to use their standard milling machines and standard spindles to do the job. This can work, but it comes with a price, as the cutting takes much longer, and creates machine wear & tear. As a result, machinists that end up doing the job – end up losing money.


At Galway, we didn’t like either of these options, because they ended up costing machinists money. We wanted to allow machinists the opportunity to execute cutting orders to perfect precision, without having to waste money or time. So we decided to create a third option: the Galway way.

We designed independent spindles that cut at very, very fast speeds. Our 5 mm (and smaller) spindles easily attach themselves to standard CNC milling machines and utilize existing CNC infrastructure, energy and turbine rotation, so just about any machinist can use them. As far as pricing goes, they are very affordable.

All our clients need to do is place an order based on their needs, and we’ll provide the necessary instruction and support in order to get the ball rolling. It’s really that simple.