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Galway specializes in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of state-of-the-art CNC spindles, which utilize advanced technology and design to cut at extremely small diameters and perform at fast speeds.

Cutting-edge manufacturing

Our spindle and spindle parts are designed and manufactured in-house, by leading professionals with decades of machining experience and expertise. Our R&D and engineering departments rely on rich machining traditions and practices to develop groundbreaking solutions that effectively help machine shops perform better and faster. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, and are subject to strict quality assurance.


At your service

Our worldwide clients include CNC machine shops and workshops from diverse industries, both small and large, geared for mass production or small orders, who benefit from extra spindle speed and precision. We employ a warranty policy, and our online service and response center is standing by for English client support. We also provide product operation training, either in our facilities or the client’s site.


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