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Coolant DrivenHigh Speed spindle

    Conventional spindles can’t handle fast cutting speed requirements without wasting time and money.
    That’s why we’re here.

  • Innovative spindle driven by CNC Machine high pressure coolant pump.
  • Expands CNC Machine speed working range, up to 40,000 RPM.
  • Dramatically reduce process times.
  • The most cost effective high speed spindle available at market.
  • Compatible to standard CNC Machine clamping systems.
  • Stored at CNC Machine tool magazine, just like ordinary tool holder.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Ultra high precision milling.
  • Extremely fine surface quality.


The Need

Why did we develop our unique spindles? To answer the need for time and money saving milling speed.

Galway was established in order to answer an acute need: the need for time and money-saving milling speed.

In the world of CNC milling, every material comes with a recommended cutting speed. And when machinists were required to cut at an extremely small circumference (and therefore faster) due to the material they are cutting…
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Yes, an HSK A63 to ER40 adapter is required, the same with all kinds of clamping  systems.
The cutting parameters should take into consideration tool speed of 40,000 RPM.  You are mostly welcome to contact our service for additional information.
Yes, once your machine has a through tool high pressure coolant pump,You can use it.
Basically Any pump of 38 bar & 20 l/min should be o.k. our FSE has special instrument to test those parameters prior / during installation.
Any endmill for ER8 can be use (collets of Ø0.5mm÷Ø5.0mm is available).
Inside tool magazine, just like any other tool.